About Us

UCTCC History

The 1st Ontario Two-Cylinder Club started in 1990, with a show at the Budd’s Farm. By 1992 there were a lot of John Deere collectors around South-Central Ontario. There seemed to be enough interest to form a 2nd John Deere Club based in Drayton, Ontario. A list of interested collectors was circulated and a 1st meeting was set up in the Drayton Public School in late 1992. Early in 1993, the name Upper Canada Two Cylinder Club was proposed, it was accepted and the charter was sent to the World Wide Two Cylinder Club. We proceeded to set up our 1st Johnny Popper days in August 21/22 1993. Since then, our club has grown and prospered to host many great events with a large number of collectors who continue to enjoy sharing their history, knowledge and collections with each other.